State Representative
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Occupation: Small Business Owner, Oregon State Representative.

Occupational Background: Business Development Professional, Gregory Smith & Company, LLC; Economic Development Professional, Port of Morrow; Board of Directors, Morrow Cold Storage; Board of Directors, Greater Eastern Oregon Development Corporation; Intern, House Majority Leader Greg Walden.

Educational Background: B.S., Eastern Oregon University; M.B.A., Eastern Oregon University; 2001 Eastern Oregon University Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipient.

Prior Governmental Experience: Assistant Majority Leader, Oregon House of Representatives; Vice-President, Pacific Northwest Economic Region.

Community Activities: Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America; Cub Master, Boy Scouts of America, Pack 661; Member, Eastern Oregon University Alumni Board of Directors.

Experience with Eastern Oregon Priorities…

Representative Greg Smith
Legislative Appointments:

Energy and the Environment-2007; Transportation–2007;
Emergency Board-2005 & 2006; Emergency Board
Subcommittee on General Government–2005 & 2006; Interim
Committee on Real Estate Agency Oversight–2005 & 2006;
Interim Committee on Transportation–2005 & 2006; Vice-Chair,
Interim Committee on Economic Development – 2005 & 2006;
Chair, Budget Subcommittee on General Government,
Transportation & Economic Development–2005;
Chair, Elections and Rules Subcommittee on Campaign Finance
Reform–2005; Joint Committee on Ways and Means – 2003 &
2005; Vice-Chair, Committee on Government Operations
Oversight–2003; Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human
Resources–2003; Ways and Means Subcommittee on
Transportation and Economic Development–2003 & 2001;
Chair, Special Task Force on Jobs and the Economy–2001

Actions Speak Louder Than Words…

Representative Greg Smith
Legislative Priorities:

Representative Greg Smith…Advocating for the needs of
seniors and our most vulnerable citizens.
Representative Greg Smith…Bringing balance to
our natural resource laws.
Representative Greg Smith…Investing in our children's future.
Representative Greg Smith…Always remembering
who pays for our government.

Available When You Need Him…


P.O. Box 219, Heppner, Oregon 97836-0219
Home Telephone: (541) 676-8719
Office Telephone: (541) 676-5154
Fax: (541) 676-5989

Oregon State Capitol:
900 Court Street NE, H-280, Salem, Oregon 97301
Telephone: (503) 986-1457

(This information furnished by Committee to Re-Elect Greg Smith.)