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Occupation: Congressman

Occupational Background: Small business owner

Educational Background: Graduate: University of Oregon; Hood River Valley H.S.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Senator; Representative

"Oregonians are getting hit hard by rising fuel, food and health costs. It's time for new policies. The old ways just don't get it done."

Greg's supported increased fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks; authored legislation to allow access to American energy reserves; and voted for legislation to protect against price gouging at the pump.

"While our future rests with new and renewable energy sources, today we need to change federal law to allow access to America's vast energy reserves, rather than rely so much upon foreign cartels and companies to dictate the price and supply to us."

With 21 years of experience as a small business owner in rural Oregon, Greg Walden knows what it takes to create jobs.

"Better management of our forests would create more jobs, decrease wildfires and reduce pollution. We need to increase the authority of forest managers to actively manage forests to reduce catastrophic fire and improve forest health."

Walden's a leader in Congress advocating for changes in the health care system to improve quality, increase access and reduce costs and errors. That includes expanding services for our veterans. He led the effort to prevent closure of the VA's Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics, preserving access to care for nearly 14,000 veterans.

"We owe a great debt to those who have worn our nation's uniform and safeguarded our freedom."

Greg has consistently voted against wasteful spending and higher taxes, saying: "Working families, not government, should have more say in how their hard-earned dollars are spent."

"The congressman has a huge challenge and responsibility. Walden has been up to the challenge to date, and probably keeps in better contact with his district than just about any congressman." The La Grande Observer, February 26, 2008

Congressman Greg Walden:
Making a real difference for us.

(This information furnished by Walden for Congress.)