State Representative
Keith Wangle photo


Occupation: Business manager, Beaver Tree Service.

Occupational Background: Businessman, teacher. Taught high school in the Czech Republic then went on to found and run an educational services company there for 8 years. Rejoined the family business in Central Point in 2006.

Educational Background: M.A. University of Michigan, 1996; B.A. Cornell University, 1991; Crater High School, valedictorian 1987.

Prior Governmental Experience: Central Point Budget Committee.

Family: Wife Jitka and children Tadeas (Crater student), Kai (Scenic student), Audrey (CPE student) and Timothy (home with mom).

When my father couldn't find work and the family home was foreclosed on, our nine-member family moved to Oregon with little more than hope – no job, no savings, no house – just faith that we would make it as a family. Three years later I graduated top of my class at Crater High School and went east for an Ivy League education.

Working Together for a better future:

Together we can create the jobs, opportunities and security that all Oregonians deserve. By concentrating on what unites us as families, neighbors, Oregonians and Americans, we can begin to build a better tomorrow from the uncertainties of today.

Together on jobs:

Our state government should concentrate on creating an environment in which thriving businesses create jobs. This means an efficient tax system, adequate infrastructure and a healthy, well-educated work force.

Together on education:

Education is the key to a thriving community and business environment. Today's schools face budgetary problems and a vast array of student needs. We are asking more of our schools, kindergarten through college, than our parents did. Adequate funding to meet these challenges is an investment in infrastructure which we ignore at our peril.

Together on health care:

The United States spends far more on health care than any other country. Yet we live no healthier lives than the people in countries which spend less. I believe we need to expand coverage, reduce run-away costs and maintain consumer choice.

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Keith Wangle.)