Measure 62

Proposed by initiative petition to be voted on at the General Election, November 4, 2008.

Ballot Title

Amends Constitution: Allocates 15% of lottery proceeds to public safety fund for crime prevention, investigation, prosecution

Result of "yes" vote

"Yes" vote amends constitution to allocate 15% of lottery proceeds to public safety fund; reduces percentage of funds available for other lottery-funded programs.

Result of "no" vote

"No" vote retains current list of authorized purposes for spending lottery proceeds; rejects amending the constitution to allocate specific percentage of proceeds for public safety.


Amends constitution. Constitution currently apportions lottery proceeds to create jobs, further economic development, finance public education. In addition to those uses, measure requires 15% of net lottery proceeds deposited in public safety fund. 50% of fund moneys are distributed to counties for grants for the following: 20% for early childhood programs for at-risk children; 15% to supplement district attorney operations; 15% to county sheriffs' investigation, field operations. Allocates grants to county under formula: 30% divided equally on per-county basis, 70% divided on population basis. Measure dedicates 50% of proceeds to state police criminal investigation, forensic operations. Measure prohibits legislature from limiting expenditures from fund. Funds to prosecution, sheriffs not a substitute to existing funds. Other provisions.

Estimate of financial impact

It is estimated that the measure would require public safety spending of $100 million out of state lottery revenues in the first year, $106 million in the second year, $113 million in the third year, and $120 million in the fourth year. Spending from that fund would be evenly split between state and local public safety expenditures.

The new required spending of lottery revenues for the public safety fund would reduce lottery funds available to spend for education and for state and local economic development.

Explanation of Estimate of Financial Impact

The measure requires that 15 percent of net proceeds from the state lottery be deposited to a newly-created public safety fund, effective July 1, 2009. Half of the money in the fund would be distributed to the Oregon State Police for criminal investigation and forensics. The remaining half would be distributed to counties to fund programs for at-risk children (20 percent), supplement the operations of District Attorneys (15 percent), and supplement investigation and field operations of county sheriffs (15 percent).

Currently, the Oregon legislature is mandated to spend 44 percent of lottery funds on parks, bond payments and an educational reserve fund. The remaining 56 percent of Lottery proceeds are spent on a variety of programs, including K-12 education, and state and local economic development. This measure would reduce funds available for these programs.

Under this measure, the legislature may not limit expenditures from the public safety fund. Additionally, the distributions to county district attorneys and sheriffs cannot be used to replace existing funding from other sources.

Committee Members:

Secretary of State Bill Bradbury
State Treasurer Randall Edwards
Scott Harra, Director, Dept. of Administrative Services
Elizabeth Harchenko, Director, Dept. of Revenue
Debra Guzman, Local Government Representative

(The estimate of financial impact and explanation was provided by the above committee pursuant to ORS 250.127.)