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Measure 49

House Bill 3540—Referred to the Electorate of Oregon by the 2007 Legislative Assembly to be voted on at the Special Election, November 6, 2007.

Ballot Title


RESULT OF "YES" VOTE: "Yes" vote modifies Measure 37; clarifies private landowners' rights to build homes; extends rights to surviving spouses; limits large developments; protects farmlands, forestlands, groundwater supplies.

RESULT OF "NO" VOTE: "No" vote leaves Measure 37 unchanged; allows claims to develop large subdivisions, commercial, industrial projects on lands now reserved for residential, farm and forest uses.

SUMMARY: Modifies Measure 37 (2004) to give landowners with Measure 37 claims the right to build homes as compensation for land use restrictions imposed after they acquired their properties. Claimants may build up to three homes if previously allowed when they acquired their properties, four to 10 homes if they can document reductions in property values that justify additional homes, but may not build more than three homes on high-value farmlands, forestlands and groundwater-restricted lands. Allows claimants to transfer homebuilding rights upon sale or transfer of properties; extends rights to surviving spouses. Authorizes future claims based on regulations that restrict residential uses of property or farm, forest practices. Disallows claims for strip malls, mines, other commercial, industrial uses. See Explanatory Statement for more information.

ESTIMATE OF FINANCIAL IMPACT: The measure would require one-time state administrative expenditures of $8.7 to $12.5 million to evaluate claims received to date for adherence to measure requirements.

In the short term, the measure would require state administrative expenditures of $1 million to $2 million per biennium to evaluate future claims. In the long term, state administrative costs may be reduced as the measure limits the scope of potential future claims. The amount of those potential reductions cannot be determined.

Potential state litigation costs cannot be determined.

The measure authorizes compensation to landowners. The amount of state expenditures to pay claims for compensation cannot be determined.

The measure authorizes establishing a claims review fee for new claims not to exceed the actual and reasonable cost of reviewing a claim. The impact on state revenues cannot be determined.

The measure clarifies ongoing claims review processes and is expected to reduce local government claim processing costs from current levels. The amount of these potential reductions cannot be determined.

The measure authorizes compensation to landowners. The amount of local government expenditures to pay claims for compensation cannot be determined.

The effect of the measure on local government revenues cannot be determined.



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