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Measure 50

Legislative Argument in Support

Oregon's kids simply can't wait any longer. There are 117,000 Oregon children who don't have health care.

Oregon's Children and Families at Risk
They are on the playground, one misstep away from a broken arm. They are in the close quarters of a classroom, one sneeze away from catching the flu. They wait in emergency rooms, facing serious illnesses that could have been avoided. Without treatment, routine illnesses turn into major tragedies, and families can be financially devastated.

Public Calls for Action
There is no good reason why 117,000 Oregon kids should not have access to affordable health care. There's no good reason why they shouldn't be able to get their shots and regular check-ups like their classmates. That's why the Legislature has brought you Measure 50. And that's why nurses, doctors, parents, and community advocates from across Oregon asked for the Healthy Kids Plan and are supporting it wholeheartedly.

A Responsible Plan
By making our per-pack cigarette tax the same as Washington State, Measure 50 will help parents afford the health care their uninsured children desperately need. While parents will still have to pitch in for some of the cost, the Healthy Kids Plan means they won't have to choose between health insurance and paying rent. And because Measure 50 is constitutionally dedicated to health care and smoking prevention programs, the money can't be used for other purposes unless voters approve it.

Guaranteeing uninsured kids have access to health care is not only the right thing to do because it's cost effective, but raising the price of tobacco is the right way to do it. Measure 50 will save all of us from footing the bill for expensive emergency room visits for the uninsured and help re-pay taxpayers for the cost of tobacco-related illness.

Vote YES on Measure 50
Measure 50 fulfills our moral obligation to care for our children, and we ask for your support to make Healthy Kids a reality in Oregon.

Committee Members: / Appointed by:
Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson / President of the Senate
Representative Tina Kotek / Speaker of the House
Representative Jeff Merkley / Speaker of the House

(This Joint Legislative Committee was appointed to provide the legislative argument in support of the ballot measure pursuant to ORS 251.245.)

Argument in Favor

Oregon's Healthy Kids Plan: a Truly Comprehensive Plan
It's about keeping Kids Healthy Now and in the Future

Why do both the Oregon Pediatric Society and

Children First for Oregon support Measure 50?

Measure 50: A Real Plan, a Real Solution for Oregon…

-Oregon's Healthy Kids Plan will provide 100,000 uninsured kids with the health care they need

-Oregon's Healthy Kids Plan will cover preventive care, such as, immunizations, well-child visits and other cost saving services

-Oregon's Healthy Kids Plan is comprehensive; it will cover physical health, dental care and mental health services

-Oregon's Healthy Kids Plan means kids without insurance will stop going to emergency rooms instead of doctors… that saves money and lives

Measure 50: Strengthens Youth Prevention Programs

-The tobacco industry targets our children by selling cigarettes and tobacco products that taste like candy. The tobacco industry is talking to our kids and it's only fair that we talk to them, too.

-Secondhand smoke exposes kids to cancer-causing chemicals and increases childhood asthma and preventable respiratory illness.

- Every day in Oregon, forty-eight kids smoke their first cigarette. Most adult smokers got hooked before they were 18 years old. Tobacco prevention is the single biggest cost savings there is: for every $1 spent it saves $3 in tobacco-related costs.

-Oregon's Tobacco Prevention and Education program would finally have the resources it needs to reduce youth smoking and effectively keep kids from starting to smoke in the first place.

Measure 50: It's Fair, It's Responsible, It Just Makes Sense

It's time to do something about health care and there is no better place to start than with our kids…the wealthiest nation on earth should be the healthiest nation on earth. Oregon's Healthy Kids Plan is a common-sense approach to meeting our health care and prevention needs.

Every Child Deserves Healthcare!

Please Join Us:

Children First for Oregon

Oregon Pediatric Society

Vote YES on Measure 50

(This information furnished by Dr. Jim Lace, Oregon Pediatric Society.)

Argument in Favor

The Most Trusted Names in American Health
Recommend YES vote on Measure 50!

American Cancer Society

American Heart Association/American Stroke Association

American Lung Association of Oregon

Who Opposes Measure 50?


The Tobacco Industry, a powerful special interest, is coming to Oregon from out of state to spend millions of dollars in an effort to mislead voters about Measure 50.


Because Big Tobacco Loses Money if They Can't Get Kids Hooked on Cigarettes—and that's what Measure 50 does, prevents kids from smoking

Measure 50: Strengthens Oregon Tobacco Prevention

Tobacco prevention works. For every $1 spent on prevention efforts, $3 is saved in public costs. The Surgeon General and the Institute of Medicine have reviewed the evidence and confirm prevention programs work in a published report: State Programs Can Reduce Tobacco Use.

Measure 50: Prevents Kids from Ever Starting to Smoke

The tobacco industry targets our children by selling cigarettes and tobacco products that taste like candy. Every day in Oregon, forty-eight kids smoke their first cigarette. Nearly half of them will still be smoking next year. One-third of them will die from a smoking-caused illness. The Healthy Kids Plan will strengthen Oregon's highly successful Tobacco Prevention and Education program. Big Tobacco is talking to our kids; it's only fair that we talk to them too.

Measure 50: Don't be Fooled by Big Tobacco

The Tobacco Industry has a history of opposing measures similar to Measure 50. They have a lot at stake…both profits and future smokers. 90% of smokers became addicted while they were teens and prevention programs are a real threat. Big Tobacco has pledged to spend over $3 million in Oregon to defeat Measure 50.

Don't let that happen. Join us, the American Cancer Society, the American Heart/American Stroke Association, and the American Lung Association of Oregon, in supporting 50.

Measure 50 comes down to Big Tobacco v. Kids


(This information furnished by John Valley, American Heart Association/ American Stroke Association.)

Argument in Favor

Oregon's Nurses and Nurse Practitioners Urge You to

Vote Yes For Kids

Vote Yes for Health

Vote Yes for Families

Vote Yes on 50

To Oregon nurses and nurse practitioners, 117,000 Oregon children without healthcare isn't an abstract issue. It is something that we deal with every day.

It is that front-line experience that makes us such strong supporters of Measure 50.

What happens when a child doesn't have health care coverage? They do not get the basic preventive care that keeps them healthy - and keeps a small problem from becoming a life-threatening one. And it puts thousands of families in both emotional and financial distress.

A Child Without Healthcare Is Costly For All of Us

When a child cannot afford to see the doctor, an Emergency Room becomes their first stop for healthcare. That is the most costly form of treatment. Whether through the spending of tax dollars or higher health insurance premiums, we all end up paying the price.

Measure 50 Is Fair and Will Reduce Long-Term Health Care Costs

Not only will Measure 50 make health care possible for all Oregon children, it will also save lives and reduce the costly harm of smoking by preventing kids from smoking in the first place. Tobacco use imposes a tremendous financial and health burden on Oregonians: Measure 50 is fair because it will help reduce and repay the long-term costs of smoking.

This is an Urgent Problem

As Oregonians, we should take pride in how we care for our children. Unfortunately, the fact that so many of our kids are locked out of health care is a scandal. Measure 50 is a simple, fair and smart solution to a genuine crisis. Kids can't wait, and there is no reason that we should wait to do the right thing for them- and for Oregon.

Please Vote Yes on Measure 50

Oregon Nurses Association
Nurse Practitioners of Oregon

(This information furnished by Sue B. Davidson, PhD, RN, CNS, Oregon Nurses Association.)

Argument in Favor

The Oregon PTA Supports Measure 50
Because the PTA Cares About Kids

For over 100 years the Oregon PTA has been a strong voice advocating on behalf of all of Oregon's children. The Oregon PTA has over 20,000 members and 240 local units.

The Oregon PTA has long advocated on issues of public education, child health and safety. A priority for us is to help children avoid the use of tobacco and other drugs.


Youth and Tobacco Use in Oregon

  • 17% of high school students smoke
  • 16,500 kids try cigarettes for the first time each year
  • 6.9 million cigarette packs annually are bought/smoked

Youth Tobacco Use in the United States

  • 4,000 kids try their first cigarette everyday
  • 1,000 kids become regular, daily smokers

The Tobacco Industry is Talking to Our Kids

  • $15.4 Billion—Yearly Tobacco Industry marketing budget
  • $36 Million—Daily Tobacco Industry marking budget
  • $139 Million—Yearly estimated amount Tobacco Industry spends on marketing in Oregon


Raising the Price of Tobacco Helps Keep Kids from Smoking—and the Tobacco Industry Knows it…

Phillip Morris: "It is clear that price has pronounced effect on smoking prevalence among teenagers…"

RJ Reynolds: "If prices were 10% higher, 12-17 incidence (the percentage of kids who smoke) would be 11.9% lower."

Phillip Morris: "…1982-83 round of price increases…prevented 600,000 teens from starting to smoke…We don't need that to happen again."

How Do We Fight Big Tobacco?
Pass Measure 50: Make Cigarettes More Expensive

Measure 50 Projected Benefits in Oregon—

  • 12.7% Decline in youth smoking
  • 29,500 kids won't become smokers
  • 3,850 smoking-affected births avoided over the next 5 years
  • 9,400 kids saved later from smoking-caused death

Please Join the Oregon PTA

Put Oregon's Kids Ahead of Big Tobacco Profits Today!

(This information furnished by Anita Olsen, Oregon PTA.)

Argument in Favor

Please Join Us, Oregon's Leading Senior Groups
In VOTING YES on Measure 50!

Gray Panthers of Oregon

Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens

Save Oregon Seniors

United Seniors of Oregon

Oregon Alliance for Retired Americans

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…

Measure 50 will provide 100,000 kids in Oregon with the healthcare coverage they need…and that will save a lot of money making health care services more available for all the rest of us.

Measure 50 strengthens Oregon's proven Tobacco Prevention and Education Program…and that saves money now and in the future.

Measure 50 is Smart for Kids and Smart for Seniors

Providing healthcare coverage to kids is smart medicine for Oregon and something every senior in this state should support. When Kids without health insurance end up getting routine medical care through hospital emergency rooms, it breaks the bank for all of us.

Measure 50: Makes Healthcare More Available

Even though most kids are basically healthy, children do need routine and preventive health care. Providing immunizations and other preventive health services saves a ton of public and private money in both the long and short-term…but not when that care is being provided in the Emergency Room. Emergency Room care is hugely expensive and puts a stress on the healthcare delivery system. Providing coverage for 100,000 kids helps solve this problem.

Measure 50 Bolsters Tobacco Prevention Program

Tobacco education is the best prevention we can buy; for every $1 spent on prevention it saves the state $3 in tobacco-related costs. That means there are more resources available for other health care programs and senior services. Tobacco prevention saves money right away and in the future.


We're Parents, Aunts & Uncles, Grandparents,

Great Aunts & Uncles…One Generation, Caring for the Next!

Please Join Oregon's Leading Senior Groups

Vote YES on Measure 50

Healthier Kids Means A Healthier Oregon For All of Us!

(This information furnished by Verna Porter, Oregon Alliance for Retired Americans.)

Argument in Favor


AFSCME Council 75 asks you to support Measure 50 and the uninsured children of Oregon that will be the main beneficiaries of the measure. AFSCME represents over 23,000 working people in Oregon and we care deeply about its citizens.

This Measure will help keep kids healthy now and in the future. It will help the over 100,000 children who don't have health coverage get the health care they need and deserve. Parents shouldn't have to worry about what they will do if their child becomes injured or ill. Every parent wants to protect their family and Measure 50 will help working families do just that.

Measure 50 reflects basic Oregon values by:

  • ensuring every child in Oregon has the ability to be protected by health insurance. It will improve access and help kids get preventive medicine which improves health and saves money.

  • funding safety-net clinics and rural health care facilities. It will help kids who are really living at the margins as well as improving access to health care in rural communities.

  • helping us prevent tobacco use: a leading cause of illness. Not only will it strengthen tobacco prevention programs to help keep kids from getting hooked on tobacco, it will make cessation programs more available people who already smoke.

Measure 50 is important not only for the thousands it will protect and the thousands it will help but also because it embodies basic Oregon values. Measure 50 is a chance for Oregon to be a leader in providing health care to kids who need it. This is just the kind of forward thinking that Oregon is known for.

Let's Put Oregon's Kids Ahead of Tobacco Company Profits.

Please Join AFSCME in Voting YES on Measure 50.

(This information furnished by Joe Baessler, AFSCME Council 75.)

Argument in Favor

Governor Kulongoski urges you to vote yes on Measure 50
Oregon's children cannot wait any longer

Today there are more than 100,000 children in Oregon who do not have health care coverage, which is a tragedy for them and their families.

Uninsured children are less likely to get preventative care, such as regular check ups and vaccinations. They are more likely to get sick than other children and stay sicker longer. Often they are treated at emergency rooms when desperate parents have no place else to go. That places a heavy burden both on the children's health and on the public that pays the cost each time a sick child without insurance is treated at the emergency room.

With Measure 50, Oregonians have the opportunity to stand up and take care of these children.

Too many working parents in Oregon are stretching their paychecks as far as they can to pay for housing and to put food on the table. They simply cannot afford the skyrocketing cost of health insurance for their children. Imagine their sleepless nights worrying about what will happen if a child gets sick. The Healthy Kids Plan gives them a chance - it is based on a shared responsibility model that allows these families to buy private insurance on a sliding-fee scale.

Measure 50's funding for tobacco prevention is also a smart investment. For every dollar invested in tobacco education, we save $3.00 in future health care costs by preventing thousands of kids from starting to smoke.

That's why the only real opposition to Measure 50 comes from the tobacco industry, which is spending millions of dollars to keep people smoking and protect their bottom line.

Oregon's children cannot wait any longer. We live in the richest nation in the world. None of us should rest as long as there is one child without access to affordable health care.

Please join me in voting yes on Measure 50.

Ted Kulongoski

(This information furnished by Ted Kulongoski, Governor.)

Argument in Favor

The Urban League of Portland
Supports Measure 50


Don't Be Misled By Big Tobacco…

Cigarette companies say they oppose higher cigarette prices because they care about low-income and minority families. But these are the same companies that have been profiting off of low-income communities for decades.

Low-income and minority populations in Oregon already suffer disproportionately from smoking-caused disease, disability, death, and costs (thanks in no small part to cigarette company marketing tactics). Making tobacco more expensive will actually help more lower-income smokers quit, and will reduce the harm to smokers and their families—while at the same time reduce costs to their employers and all the rest of us.

Big Tobacco Targets Minority Youth

Nearly 80% of smokers start before age 18, and the majority of kids smoke the three most heavily advertised brands, according to independent studies by the Surgeon General and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. One of these brands, Newport, is the cigarette brand leader for African-American youths in the U.S. Even more troubling, eight of every ten black, youth smokers smoke Newports.

Big Tobacco's Tactics Have Disturbing Effects

The Tobacco Industry has specifically targeted low-income and minority communities through market research and aggressive advertising. The industry's "investment" in these communities has had a destructive impact:

  • From 1986-1988, tobacco related diseased killed 9,566 American Indians (44% of total American Indian deaths and double the tobacco-related death rate for other Americans).

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 1.6 million black Americans alive today, who are under the age of 18, will become regular smokers, and 500,000 will die early from a tobacco-related disease.


They oppose 50 to protect their own profits.

Join the Urban League of Portland
in Supporting Measure 50…

Let's keep ALL Oregon's kids healthy now
and in the future.

Find more facts at www.healthykids-oregon.org.

(This information furnished by Courtni Dresser, Yes on the Healthy Kids Plan.)

Argument in Favor



A Leading Children's Group in Oregon: Stand for Children

Urges Vote YES on Measure 50!

Measure 50 Helps Oregon's Kids…Now and in the Future

Let's Give Kids the Healthcare They Need and Deserve!

  • Measure 50: Provides health care for 100,000 kids who are without health insurance

  • Measure 50: Strengthens youth tobacco prevention and education programs

  • Measure 50: Means more preventive care, such as immunizations and well-baby visits

Oregon's Healthy Kids Plan: We're Almost There!

  • Oregon's Healthy Kids Plan is the single most important health care reform proposal to come along in more than a decade.

  • Oregon's Healthy Kids Plan is just the kind of forward thinking Oregon is known for…something we can all be proud of!

  • The Legislature referred the Healthy Kids Plan (Measure 50) to the ballot, but unfortunately that only gets us half-way way there.

  • Parents, children's groups, health care advocates, and tobacco prevention experts worked hard in Salem to pass the Healthy Kids Plan, but the Tobacco Industry Lobbyists were able to block its passage. That's why Measure 50 is on the ballot now.

Kids Can't Do It for Themselves: They Need You

Oregon's kids are depending on you.on all of us, to do one simple thing…vote YES on Measure 50.

Please Join Stand for Children Voting YES on Measure 50

It is Fair for Kids and Fair for Oregon

Pauline McGuire, parent (Clackamas County)

Katherine Hoppe, business person (Coos County)

Kathy Sansone retired teacher (Salem)

Karen Starchvick, parent (Medford)

Jennifer Robbins, parent/teacher (Hillsboro)

Tina Ficher, Parent (Bend)

(This information furnished by Jonah Edelman, Stand for Children.)

Argument in Favor

Leading Health Care Advocates, Doctors and Nurses
From Across the State Of Oregon Support Measure 50

We're on the frontlines everyday, and we're charged with taking care of Oregon's children. That's why we support the Healthy Kids Plan.

Measure 50 really is a Healthy Kids Plan, it will provide 100,000 uninsured children with the health care they need and deserve.

Daily we see kids without health coverage come into emergency rooms for routine care because they cannot access even basic health care at a pediatrician's office. That's expensive and a stress on the health care delivery system for both providers and patients.

Let's face it…with over 100,000 kids in Oregon needing healthcare coverage; we have a crisis in this state. We need to act now…our kids can't wait another day.

Measure 50 will keep Oregon's kids healthy now and in the future.


Join Us… Doctors, Nurses and Leading Health Care Groups
In Voting YES on Measure 50!

Oregon Medical Association
Oregon Nurses Association
James K. Lace, MD (Salem)
Carlos Sánchez, MD, Emergency Physician (Portland)
Jane Sawall, RN (Medford)
Harold Fleshman, RN (Milwaukie)
Oregon Pediatric Society
Sandra Dunbrasky, MD (Ontario)
Sarah Arnholtz, RN (Salem)
Oregon Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Patricia DeShazer, RN (Lakeview)
Debbie Lund, RN (Springfield)
Irene Dudley, RN (Bend)
Lane County Medical Society
Stewart S. Newman, MD (Beaverton) - Oregon Medical Assoc.
Gayle Lewis, NP (Jacksonville)
Galen Thompson, RN (Pendleton)
Klaus Martin, MD (McMinnville)
Oregon Psychiatric Association
Chabrise Haich, LPN (Salem)
Kelly Rae Taylor, RN (Washington Co.)
Cindy Johnson, RN (Astoria)
John Evans, MD (Portland)
Mary P. Brown, MD (Bend)
Nurse Practitioners of Oregon
Susanna Rhodes, RN (Aloha)
Kim Hubbard, RN (Milwaukie)
Karen Elliott, RN (Turner)
Monica Wenby, MD (Portland)
Bruce Humpherys, RN (Bend)
Oregon Academy of Family Physicians

Every Child Deserves Healthcare!


(This information furnished by Courtni Dresser, Yes on the Healthy Kids Plan.)

Argument in Favor

My name is Eric Jones from Gresham. I lost my wife in July 2003 to cancer caused by 34 years of smoking cigarettes. Patty became hooked when it was "cool" and "safe" to smoke. Now we know better - smoking kills you!

Patty battled her cancer with courage and grace - she was my hero. I miss her everyday.

Patty would be fighting to pass Measure 50. I will do it in her memory.

After her diagnoses, she told over 4,000 Oregon teens and youth her story. She told them that when you smoke, you are betting that you are stronger than one of the most powerfully addicting substances on the planet.

Patty lost that bet. She paid with her life. So did my family, who lost her forever. Our daughters and I watched her take her final breath. No one should go through this as a result of tobacco use!

Patty tried to quit many times. She had no Oregon Quit Line to call, no tobacco prevention program to help her quit her deadly addiction. Now these tools exist, but not nearly to the extent we need them. She wanted these programs to be as effective as they could be to prevent our youth from starting smoking and to help smokers quit.

Measure 50 will go a long way in achieving this goal. More prevention and cessation tools will keep you and your loved ones and friends from suffering the same terrible death that my wife experienced.

Big tobacco spends over $400,000 in Oregon EVERYDAY advertising its products to young people. They are viewed as the next target in a war to make a profit. Let's tell big tobacco Oregonians care about our kid's health, not about their big profit!

Please join me in supporting Measure 50, for all our kids, grandchildren and especially in Patty's memory.

(This information furnished by Courtni Dresser, American Cancer Society.)

Argument in Favor

Measure 50 Will Give a Boost to Oregon's
Proven Anti-Smoking Programs

  • Imagine an Oregon where Big Tobacco can no longer hook our kids on their deadly products.

  • Imagine an Oregon where fewer parents smoke or use tobacco.

  • Imagine an Oregon where fewer kids are exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke.

  • Imagine an Oregon where our kids are healthier.

We no longer need to imagine that Oregon.
A YES vote for Measure 50 will bolster anti-smoking efforts
with a proven track record; making our dream a reality.

When it comes to preventing tobacco use and saving lives, we know what works- Oregon's highly effective and comprehensive Tobacco Prevention and Education Program.

Since many factors influence a person's decision to use tobacco, we must tackle this problem from several different directions at once. The program approaches tobacco prevention from many angles - where people live, work and play.

Oregon's Tobacco Prevention and Education Program uses proven methods by focusing on the following three goals:

  • Keeping kids from starting

  • Helping people quit

  • Educating Oregonians about the dangers of secondhand smoke

Hailed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a national model, Oregon achieves its goals through multiple components including school and community programs, the Oregon Tobacco Quit Line (1-800-QUIT-NOW) and intensive program evaluation.

How Do We Know Anti-Tobacco Education Works?

Evaluation and Accountability

Oregon's program undergoes extensive professional evaluation to measure its effectiveness, and the data demonstrates how tobacco use is impacted by various strategies. Oregon uses "best practices," proven effective by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Big Tobacco Has Big Concerns About Tobacco Prevention.

The Tobacco Industry is talking to our kids; we should be too. Big Tobacco knows these programs work, and they don't want to see them strengthened—that is why they will spend millions of dollars to defeat Measure 50.

The Tobacco-Free Coalition of Oregon
Advocates Voting YES on Measure 50!

(This information furnished by Tabithia Engle, Tobacco-Free Coalition of Oregon.)

Argument in Favor

A Message from the Oregon Business Association

Measure 50:
Good for Jobs. Good for the Economy.

As Oregonians, we are very concerned that there are over 100,000 children who are not covered by health insurance. Measure 50 is simply the right thing to do.

We also strongly support Measure 50 as members of Oregon's business community, because when people are uninsured, it costs jobs, hurts the economy and increases the cost of doing business.

  • Nationally, almost 44 million people lack health coverage. The economic impact of the lack of health insurance on productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and increased health care costs has been estimated to be as high as $152 billion per year.

  • When a child or adult doesn't have health coverage, they are much more likely to use an emergency room as their first stop. That is the most expensive kind of care; the cost of this "uncompensated care" is shifted to the premiums of those who do have health insurance premiums. Nationally, this costs employers up to $16 billion a year.

  • Employers, faced with those higher premium costs, are facing the difficult decision of either passing on the costs to employees, eliminating coverage for dependents, or eliminating work-based coverage altogether.

By making sure that all Oregon's children have access to health care, Measure 50 will make real progress. It will help reduce costs to Oregon's economy, making it easier for businesses to add jobs and stay competitive.

When Oregon Families are Healthy
Oregon's Economy is Healthy

Vote Yes on Measure 50

(This information furnished by Lynn Lundquist, Oregon Business Association.)

Argument in Favor

Measure 50 is Fair!

Every Pack of Cigarettes Sold in Oregon
Costs Taxpayers $11.16

Tobacco Use is Costly—We All Pay a High Price

$1.11 Billion—Annual healthcare expenditures in Oregon directly caused by tobacco use

$54.9 Million—Annual healthcare expenditures in Oregon from secondhand smoke exposure

$836.6 Million—Annual amount paid by citizens in State & Federal taxes to cover smoking-caused government costs

Tobacco Use is Dangerous & Deadly

5,000—Annual deaths in Oregon of adults who smoke

168,000—Annual deaths in the U.S. from tobacco-caused cancers

3,600—Oregon kids who have lost at least one parent to smoking

74,000—Oregon kids who are alive in the state today who will ultimately die from smoking (given current smoking levels)

Smoking-Caused Costs to Oregon

$11.16   The real cost per pack of cigarettes

(Tobacco & secondhand smoke-related disease; heart, lung and other health; work productivity, disability, property loss from fire—all the actual costs of tobacco use, per pack, in Oregon)

The Price We ALL Pay for Smokers

$11.16   Smoking-related costs per pack in Oregon

-$2.025   Oregon would collect per pack if 50 passes

$9.135   Per pack difference (underpayment for the cost of tobacco use)


It would take a $9 dollar per pack increase to compensate us—taxpayers--for the high cost of tobacco-use in Oregon. Measure 50 only asks for one-tenth of this amount.


Vote YES on Measure 50. It's an important investment in Oregon's children and Oregon's economic future.


For more info: www.healthykids-oregon.org

(This information furnished by Angela Martin, Economic Fairness Coalition of Our Oregon.)

Argument in Favor

Physicians and Community Hospitals
Support Measure 50

It's past time to provide health care coverage for
Oregon's children…our kids can't wait another day.

Health Care Coverage Improves Kids' Lives

Doctors and your local community hospitals see the need for health care coverage every day.

Insured children are more likely to receive vaccines that will prevent life-threatening diseases. They are more likely to receive dental and mental healthcare; to use seatbelts, car safety seats and bike helmets and to finish school. Insured children are less likely to start smoking. Insured children will live better and healthier lives.

Health Care Coverage for Kids is a Cost-Saver

Insured children are more likely to have a regular doctor and two times less likely to use the emergency room for their health care. Every vaccinated child saves hundreds of dollars in preventative health care costs. Insured children and their parents build ongoing relationships by seeing the same physician who knows their medical histories.

The Healthy Kids Plan:
A Comprehensive Approach for Oregon Kids

Measure 50 will:

  1. Provide 100,000 children under the age of 19 with access to primary care, dental services and mental health treatment.

  2. Strengthen Oregon's Tobacco Prevention and Education program to keep kids from ever starting to smoke and help those who smoke to quit.

  3. Guarantee the revenue raised by Measure 50 is used for health care or tobacco prevention. It's in the Constitution, and can only be changed by your vote.

Please Join Oregon's Doctors and Community Hospitals

Across Oregon in Voting YES on Measure 50

Oregon Medical Association
Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
St. Charles Medical Center (Bend & Redmond)
Three Rivers Community Hospital (Grants Pass).
Salem Regional Medical Center (Salem)
PeaceHealth (Eugene)
Samaritan Health Services (Corvallis)
Providence Health & Services (Oregon)
Tuality Healthcare (Hillsboro)
Good Shepherd Health Care System (Hermiston)
Adventist Health (Portland & Tillamook) (Tillamook)

(This information furnished by Joanne K. Bryson, CAE, Executive Director, Oregon Medical Association.)

Argument in Favor

Working Families Unite for Healthy Kids Plan
It's Fair for Families and Fair for Oregon

When it Comes to Health Insurance, Too Many of Oregon's Working Families Are Left Behind

  • More than 80,000 Oregonians have lost their employer provided health insurance in the past four years

  • More than 75% of uninsured Oregonians work full time and 91% of uninsured Oregon children have at least one parent who works full time

  • The average health insurance premium for a family is more than a full time worker would make at the federal minimum wage

  • As health care costs rise, more employers are either reducing coverage or forced to shift the costs to employees and their families

As Employers Cut or Reduce Health Coverage, Oregon's Children and Families Pay the Price

  • The high cost of health care impacts all of us: businesses, government and working families; forcing employers to drop coverage for their employees and their kids

  • Families cannot afford to buy health care coverage for their kids. The average cost of a family premium--$11,880 per year-- is out of reach for many working families.

  • Many uninsured kids are forced into Emergency Rooms where they receive the most expensive care available. This raises costs for everyone and puts a burden on the entire health care delivery system

  • Kids should be at the front of the line when it comes to health care: Let's protect the most important resource Oregon has: our kids!




SEIU Local 503
SEIU Local 49
Oregon Education Association
Oregon State Fire Fighters Council

(This information furnished by Arthur Towers, SEIU 503.)

Argument in Favor

Please Join Us in Voting YES!

Faith Leaders Support Measure 50…

The Healthy Kids Plan will help children and families most in need.

This plan will provide much needed health care programs to improve the health of all Oregonians, including children and our state's lowest income families through the Oregon Health Plan.

Faith Leaders Support Measure 50…

It finally gets kids the health care they need.
It's truly a healthy kids plan.

Measure 50 is fair for kids and fair for Oregon: it's about keeping Oregon's children healthy now and in the future.

Health care has long been a special concern of all our faiths. Some of the ways in which have expressed that concern is by founding hospitals and other health care institutions and through direct person-to-person work with the sick and poor throughout the world.

Faith Leaders Support Measure 50…

It's not just reasonable; it's a moral imperative.

We find it morally unacceptable that more than 100,000 Oregon children currently lack health insurance and that health insurance has become unaffordable for many working Oregonians.

The Wealthiest Nation on Earth Should be the
Healthiest Nation on Earth


Rev. Alcena Boozer, St. Philip the Deacon Episcopal Church, Portland

Rev. Dan Bryant, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Eugene

Rev. Benjamin Dake, First Presbyterian Church, Cottage Grove

Rev. Gail McDougle, First Congregational Church (United Church of Christ), Salem

Rabbi Daniel Isaak, Congregation Neveh Shalom, Portland

David Leslie, Executive Director, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

Rev. David Nagler, Nativity Lutheran Church, Bend

Rev. Jim Boston, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Grants Pass

Shahriar Ahmed, President, Bilal Mosque Association, Beaverton

Please VOTE YES on Measure 50

(This information furnished by Kevin Finney, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon.)

Argument in Favor

More Than 100,000 Kids Need Health Care in Oregon
That's Why the Healthy Kids Plan is on the Ballot.

Now It's Up to You: PLEASE VOTE YES on 50!

Oregon's kids shouldn't have to wait another day!

As lawmakers who worked long and hard on Oregon's Healthy Kids Plan, we strongly endorse Measure 50, which provides 100,000 uninsured kids with health care and supports prevention and education programs to curb tobacco use.

We Heard Oregon Families Loud and Clear.

The Legislature's Health Care Committees heard many hours of testimony about the hardships families are facing. Many of the stories were heartbreaking.

No parent should have to worry about what they
would do if their child becomes sick or injured.
No family should have to substitute the
emergency room for a pediatrician's office.

So Who Could be Against Healthy Kids? BIG TOBACCO.

The Healthy Kids Plan is good for kids and good for Oregon. But Big Tobacco doesn't like it because it will reduce the number of smokers - and their profits. That is why the tobacco industry employed an army of lobbyists to block it in the legislature.

Oregon's Healthy Kids Plan: It's Fair, It Just Makes Sense.

We referred Measure 50 to the ballot. Now it's your turn. We need your help to make Oregon's Healthy Kids Plan a reality. We need you to do one simple thing for the children of Oregon…we need you to vote YES on Measure 50 by November 6, 2007.

Measure 50 is your chance to say that the health of children, the
well-being of families and the future of Oregon are more
important than the tobacco industry's profits.


Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson

Sen. Bill Morrisette

Rep. Suzanne Bonamici
Washington County

Rep. Ben Cannon
Northeast/Southeast Portland

Rep. Sara Gelser
Corvallis and Philomath

Rep. Mitch Greenlick
House District 33, NW Portland and Washington County

Rep. Tina Kotek
North/Northeast Portland

(This information furnished by Rep. Tina Kotek.)

Argument in Favor

Working Family Index for Measure 50:

Number of uninsured children in Oregon: over 100,000

Direct and Indirect healthcare costs to Oregon due to smoking: $2 Billion

Your share of those costs (per household): $587 per year

Those same health care costs if figured on a per pack basis: $11.16

Oregon Children who started smoking today: 45

Dollars spent by Tobacco Corporations on marketing nationwide: $15.4 Billion

Dollars spent by Tobacco Corporations marketing just in Oregon: $135 Million

Additional dollars to be spent by Tobacco Corporations to defeat the Healthy Kids Measure: over $3 Million
(source: The Oregonian 8/28/07)

Reasons to trust the Tobacco Corporations: 0

Reasons to pass the Healthy Kids Plan Measure 50: over 100,000

Chances to stand up to big tobacco and deliver health coverage for Oregon kids: 1

The Oregon AFL-CIO represents over 145,000 families, union and non-union, across Oregon in the fight for good jobs, health care, worker safety, and retirement.

We believe that healthy kids mean a stronger Oregon.

Please join us in voting "Yes" on Measure 50 for the Healthy Kids Plan.

(This information furnished by Duke Shepard, Oregon AFL-CIO.)

Argument in Favor

Children's Groups, Healthcare Leaders,
Tobacco Prevention Experts and Many Others…


Measure 50 is Fair for Kids and Fair for Oregon: The Healthy Kids Plan is about keeping Oregon's children healthy now and in the future.

It's only fair we provide health insurance for 100,000 uninsured Oregon children and it's only fair we strengthen important tobacco prevention programs to address the single greatest preventable cost to our health care system: smoking.

Children's access to healthcare and the cost of smoking-caused diseases are everyone's problem…that's why dozens of organizations we all know and trust are rallying around Oregon's Healthy Kids Plan…

Who Supports Measure 50?

American Cancer Society

Anita Olsen, President, Oregon PTA

Oregon Pediatric Society

Oregon Business Association

Oregon Medical Association

Oregon Alliance for Retired Americans (ORARA)

Bob Livingston, Oregon State Fire Fighters Council

Oregon Nurses Association

American Heart Association/American Stroke Association

Children First for Oregon

Oregon Education Association

Oregon Dental Association

American Lung Association of Oregon

Mark McKechnie, MSW, Legislative Chair, National Association of Social Workers - Oregon Chapter

Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems

Gray Panthers of Oregon

SEIU, Local 503

Nurse Practitioners of Oregon

Human Service Coalition of Oregon (HSCO)

Oregon Alliance of Children's Programs

(This information furnished by Courtni Dresser, American Cancer Society.)

Argument in Favor

Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children

Oregon Association of Nurse Anesthetists

Terry Colplin, Lane Individual Practice Association

SEIU, Local 49

Oregon Academy of Ophthalmology

American Federation of Teachers - Oregon

Oregon Association of Orthopaedists

Albertina Kerr Centers

Oregon Food Bank

Mid-Valley Independent Physicians Association

Oregon Health Action Campaign

Coalition for a Healthy Oregon (COHO)

Community Action Partnership of Oregon

Community Health Advocates of Oregon

Oregon Primary Care Association

Oregon School-Based Health Care Network

Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon

Providence Health & Services (Oregon)

Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens

Northwest Health Foundation


Oregonians for Health Security

Our Oregon

Save Oregon Seniors

Oregon AFL-CIO

Stand for Children

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest

The Urban League of Portland

Tuality Healthcare

United Seniors of Oregon

Upstream Public Health

Who Opposes Measure 50?


Let's Put the Future of Oregon's Kids Ahead
of Tobacco Industry Profits…


(This information furnished by Courtni Dresser, American Cancer Society.)

Argument in Favor

Oregon Food Bank
Encourages you to vote yes on Measure 50

Hunger and health are related…
According to the Oregon Food Bank Network's hunger factors assessment survey, more than half the households receiving emergency food boxes avoided or delayed medical care due to cost.

Thousands of working Oregonians seek emergency food each month because they simply don't earn enough to make ends meet. For families without medical insurance, health care is among the very highest of household costs and a major reason they seek emergency food.

Every day, the Oregon Food Bank Network provides food to people who are hungry across our state, many of whom also lack health coverage.

Hard-working families should not have to choose between food and health care…
An emergency food box recipient in Eugene told us, "I feel as though I have to live with substandard health because I can't afford to take care of myself even when I am working. Most of my debt is related to education and health."

This year, the Oregon Food Bank Network will distribute more than 650,000 emergency food boxes to households throughout the state. Most of these households are families with children.

During the 2006 hunger factors survey, one parent who came in for an emergency food box told us, "It's a crime to work full-time and still not be able to afford to feed your children properly." We agree.

Passage of Measure 50 means stronger economic stability for working families in Oregon…
Measure 50 would provide more than 100,000 children with health coverage. Many, many Oregon families would no longer have to make the tough choice between seeking medical care or putting food on the table.

Please join Oregon Food Bank in the fight against hunger.

Vote YES on Measure 50…because no one should be hungry.

Philip A. Kalberer, Chair
Oregon Food Bank Board of Directors

(This information furnished by Philip A. Kalberer, Chair, Oregon Food Bank Board of Directors.)

Argument in Favor

Christians Call for a YES Vote on Measure 50

Suffer the children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God.

- Mark 10:14

Christians, seeking to love one another as God loves us, understand that the abundant life God desires for all humanity includes physical and emotional well-being. This means that we take seriously the call to promote wellness, and to advocate for healing and wholeness for all people. It also means ensuring adequate and fair access to health care for all people, according to their needs rather than their wealth or position in society. Care for the lives and health of our neighbors is an extension and expression of God's love for us and of Jesus Christ's healing ministry.

In light of Jesus' particular concern for children, we find it a moral imperative as Christians that we support Measure 50. Establishment of the Healthy Kids Plan will give hope and healthcare to underserved and uninsured children in our state. Revenue generated by this measure will also offer health care to "the least of these," whom Jesus directed us to serve: the uninsured working poor and other Oregonians who are medically underserved. In addition, Measure 50 encourages healthier living both for individuals and for our state as a whole by aiming to reduce the number of Oregonians who smoke.

We urge our Christian brothers and sisters to respond to Jesus' call for compassion by casting a YES vote for children's health.

YES on Measure 50.

(This information furnished by Courtney L. Dillard, The Oregon Center for Christian Values (OCCV).)

Argument in Favor

Join Oregon's healthcare professionals by voting YES on Measure 50 to provide all Oregon's children access to the quality healthcare they deserve.

America has a healthcare crisis, millions of Americans lack access to healthcare though we spend more money on it than any other country. While we debate how to solve this crisis, Measure 50 allows us to take a common sense first step in Oregon - provide healthcare to uninsured children.

Currently, many families, lacking health insurance for their children, are forced to rely on emergency rooms. When families rely on emergency rooms for their health care, it's stressful for families and costly for everyone.

"It is painful to see children come to the Emergency Room for treatment that could have been avoided if they had access to proper routine health care. Children without proper health care are subject to infections, febrile seizures, higher incidences of learning disabilities and even higher death rates from untreated diseases and/or conditions. This is a sad way to show our value for our country's greatest resource… our children." Karey Whitten RN - Kaiser Sunnyside Emergency Department

A common sense alternative exists to the costly and inappropriate use of emergency rooms to care for our children. Other states have implemented the ideas from Measure 50 resulting in dramatic improvement in the health of children in those states. The experience of those states shows that as soon as all Oregon children have healthcare, we will see:

  • Significant declines in infant mortality
  • Reductions in childhood deaths;
  • Reductions in low birth weight children;
  • Chronically ill children and children in the poorest health showing dramatic and sustained improvements in health outcomes;
  • Asthmatic children - victims of the most common childhood disease - suffering far fewer asthma attacks as well as lowered rates of asthma-related emergency department visits and hospitalizations.

It's time to give Oregon's children access to the quality healthcare they deserve:

Please vote YES on Measure 50!

(This information furnished by Kathy Geroux RN, President, Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals.)

Argument in Favor

It's a call I hope you never have to make.
By Michelle Navarro

I am a front-line worker who helps parents enroll their kids in the Oregon Health Plan—and on my own time, I decided to share what I see every day.

One of the hardest things about my job is making the call regarding families in difficult situations. If I can approve their application, their happiness will make my day. If I cannot, their grief is sometimes too much to bear - especially when it's for a child.

Even though every family I work with is unique and important, there is one family I will never forget. I saw them on Dec. 22 - very near the holidays. The family which consisted of a Mom, Dad and a wonderful little bright eyed 5 year old boy, Joey, had moved to Oregon following the fathers' job. The father was then laid off and lost the family's work-based health insurance coverage. Joey has cerebral palsy. These parents had always provided for Joey and his illness. They had never planned to seek services for him, they were proud of providing for his needs themselves. Unfortunately, even though the Dad was unemployed, they were not eligible for the Oregon Health Plan. I had to deny their application two days before Christmas Eve. We let Joey down.

  • Measure 50 means that 100,000 uninsured Oregon children will have access to health care.

  • It dedicates the money to health care and tobacco prevention - it's right there in the Constitution.

  • And it's fair, with the revenue coming from one of the greatest causes of illness in Oregon - the sale of tobacco products.

I spend my days making calls on difficult, sometimes even critical situations. Now, it's your call.

Please Make the Right Call:


(This information furnished by Arthur Towers, SEIU Local 503.)

Argument in Favor

Vote Yes on Measure 50

We are teachers from across Oregon and we work in school districts large and small, urban and rural. As educators, we work hard to provide our students with a quality education, but we are deeply concerned for the growing number of kids we see in our classrooms who suffer from a lack of health care.

Each day, we witness the consequences of inadequate access to medical care. Often, students do not even have the medical care they need for common childhood illnesses, such as sore throats, earaches, and asthma. This is unacceptable.

Oregon's kids deserve to have the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and in life. This can't happen unless every Oregon student is healthy.

We know lack of access to health care directly affects students' readiness to learn and their academic performance. In fact, being healthy has been linked to many aspects of succeeding in school, including improved test scores, staying in school, and fewer missed school days.

We can do better for Oregon's kids. Oregon's children are our state's greatest resource. By providing health care for children of working families, we are making an investment in our future.

Don't let the big tobacco companies win at the expense of our children's health and education. Our kids can't wait.

Please join us, Oregon Teachers & Educators, in
Voting YES on Ballot Measure 50

Bob Gray, High School Teacher, David Douglas High, Portland

Carolyn Smith-Evans, Special Education Teacher, Salem-Keizer School District

Kathy Newman, Teacher, Minter Bridge Elementary, Hillsboro

Lisa Shogren, Teacher, Liberty Elementary, Albany

Michael Craig, Second Grade Teacher, Warm Springs Elementary, Warm Springs

(This information furnished by Jeston Black, Oregon Education Association.)

Argument in Favor

Oregon's Children and Families Need Health Care

America's health care system is failing America's working families. The compact by which Americans earn their health care from their jobs is unraveling, threatening both the physical health and the financial well-being of working people and their children. As a result, 114,000 Oregon children currently lack health coverage. Some 90% of children without health insurance live in families with at least one working parent, unfortunately they work in jobs that no longer provide affordable health benefits.
Measure 50 allows Oregonians to provide healthcare for 100,000 uninsured children.

Health Insurance Coverage Means Healthier Kids
Children without health insurance are less likely to get care when needed, more likely to seek treatment in emergency rooms and less likely to survive a critical illness. Even when they survive, their families are more likely to face bankruptcy. Their families pay the highest prices for prescription drugs and hospital care. And, when their families can't pay, their costs are routinely shifted to those with health insurance, increasing the financial pressures on employers and workers who are struggling to maintain health insurance benefits and coverage.

Working Families Are Calling for Health Care Reform
Lack of insurance creates a "Sophie's choice" problem. Reduction of work-based affordable health insurance means families are forced to choose between paying for health care for their kids or paying their mortgage, between filling their refrigerators or filling their prescriptions.

The average monthly health insurance premium for a family now matches the cost of a $120,000 mortgage - and exceeds the entire monthly earnings of a worker at the federal minimum wage.

Measure 50 Supports Working Families
By voting YES on Measure 50, Oregonians can ensure the health of Oregon's children will improve and working families will no longer have to choose between providing food and shelter or providing healthcare for their kids.

Working Families Should Support Measure 50

Please Vote YES

(This information furnished by Alan Moore, Oregon Working Families Party.)



Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722