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OCCUPATION: Internet entrepreneur, educator, and venture capitalist

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Currently Vice Chair and Director, MyPoints.com. Founded Cybergold, Inc., in 1995 and served as CEO, President and Chairman until Cybergold merged with MyPoints.com in August 2000. Previously CEO of Kaleida Labs, the multinational joint venture between IBM and Apple. Founder and CEO of Centram Systems West, Inc., which developed TOPS, the first IBM/ Macintosh local area network; served as President and CEO of TOPS and Vice President of Sun Microsystems, Inc., after Sun purchased Centrum Systems West in April 1987. President of Cole Gilburne Goldhaber & Ariyoshi, Inc., a venture capital firm based on high-technology development; later, President of the National Pacific Fund and the Incubator, Inc. Served on the
advisory boards of PC Expo and MacWorld Expo, the Center for Creative Imaging, and the multimedia group of the National Association of Broadcasters; currently serving on the Executive Board of the University of California at Berkeley.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: M.Ed., University of California­Berkeley

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Special Assistant to Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor William W. Scranton III; ran the State Energy Agency as its interim director

I am honored to serve with my presidential running mate John Hagelin. I bring 20 years' experience in Silicon Valley to my campaign and offer a new mainstream voice to American politics. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life, and I am running to bring entrepreneurship to the White House, introduce proven solutions to America's problems, and break the two-party stranglehold on our democracy. Entrepreneurship is not limited to business; it is also necessary in politics. Ross Perot taught us that. Now John and I will build on Ross's foundation and, with the dedicated support of thousands of Reform Party members all over the country, we will create, at long last, a mainstream third party that will break the two-party stranglehold and take back our stolen democracy.

(This information furnished by Hagelin 2000 Committee.)
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