Representative in Congress

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Democrat (DEM)

Occupation: Small Business Owner/Construction/ Maintenance

Occupational Background: Small Business Owner/ Construction/Maintenance

Educational Background: AA Degree, General Contractors License

Prior Governmental Experience: None

                As an average Oregonian I know it is time for the 1st Congressional District of Oregon be represented by an average Oregonian who is experiencing the same hard economic times. Our current congress isn’t doing anything to help small, rural or start up businesses as I found out recently. Small, rural and start up businesses are responsible for most of the new work created in America, not the top 1%.

                These new businesses are started by average Americans who know how an education helps them run their business. When I returned to school to get an AA Degree I realized how an education plays a key role in developing and understanding
how a business functions. Education is what drives our economy, a high school education can get you in the door for a job, then a higher education moves you up the economic scale. This is how we should be expanding our economy. When a person has an education and work experience they are in the position to start their own business and help in expanding our economy.
                As a person who enjoys the outdoors mainly through fishing, I was surprised to see the health advisory page in the state’s fishing regulations. A health advisory page made me realize how we need to protect our rivers, lakes and oceans. When pregnant women can’t eat fish out of local bodies of water it is time to make a change and keep our state’s water pristine.
                I have never held a political office so I don’t owe any political favors. My only concern as your representative is what will improve your life. I know my hard work for you will restore your confidence in congress is again working for you, not themselves.
                Vote Dominic Hammon a Rural Democrat who will work for you.

(This information furnished by Dominic Hammon.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722