Representative in Congress

Jim Greenfield photo


Republican (REP)

Occupation: Real Estate

Occupational Background: Attorney; Talk Radio Host, Small Business Owner

Educational Background:  B.A. Cornell government major; Penn Law School

Prior Governmental Experience: 2002 Republican Nominee Oregon’s First Congressional District


America’s financial crisis was caused by irresponsible Washington politicians recklessly spending taxpayer money. Our problems won’t be solved by those who created them. We need new leadership in Congress committed to limited government and individual freedom.

Balance the Budget

We must stop out of control spending now - not in ten years. With a balanced budget, more money remains in the private sector where free enterprise can flourish, jobs can be created, and prosperity restored.

Cut Taxes

When big government spends, borrows, and taxes too much it produces bureaucracy, not wealth. Raising taxes won’t stop out of control spending. Lower taxes leave money in the private sector for consumers to spend and for businesses to create jobs.

Winning the War on Terrorism

We can defeat terrorism without going bankrupt. Instead of occupying foreign countries with huge armies, we should target and destroy terrorist networks directly. This will save trillions of dollars, thousands of young American lives, and win the war more quickly to secure peace and stability in the world.

No Bailouts for Failed Banks and Corporations

Government bailouts for companies politicians claim are “too big to fail” have cost taxpayers trillions of dollars.We need people in Congress who will stop this corrupt practice and end business as usual in Washington.

Get the Government Off Our Backs

Excessive government regulation is killing jobs and deflating home values. We must reduce regulation, get the   government out of the housing market, and let small businesses hire again so our economy can grow.

I’ve been an advocate for limited government and individual liberty for over 20 years. If I win this election I’ll fight to restore the principles which made America the wealthiest and greatest nation in the world.

(This information furnished by Jim Greenfield.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722