Representative in Congress

Todd Lee Ritter photo

Todd Lee

Democrat (DEM)

Occupation: Independent Internet Textbook Dealer.

Occupational Background: business, managerial.

Educational Background: Andrew Jackson High School, Portland, OR Diploma, 1976. Portland Community College, Portland, OR 1974-1976. Portland State University, Portland, OR BA 1984 General Studies.

Prior Governmental Experience: Andrew Jackson High School,1972-1976, Freshman Class Vice President, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class President.

Lifetime Oregon, second generation. Born in Tigard, Oregon, May, 1958. The first District is literally my home town. I lived in the mid-west briefly in the 1960s. I recognize the unique qualities of Oregon. I understand the need to create livable wage jobs while striking a balance between business development and sustaining our high environmental standards. A new compact is needed between the people and their government. Now, more than ever, we need mature adults managing the nation’s pocketbook in Washington, DC.

My legislative initiatives: Mandate E-Verify nationwide for all U.S. workers. Rename Homeland Security with new title encouraging more local community based citizen involvement. Establish a national standard for parking permits for disabled people. Require 50 state reciprocity for disabled driving placards. Authorize Medicare to allow physicians to conduct billable appointments via e-mail, text message and telephone, instead of requiring office visits (conserves Medicare resources). Increase investment in national volunteer programs like AmeriCorps to encourage most Americans between ages 18-22 years old to participate in national service by 2016. Partisan issues need to be put away. Statesmen-like votes need to be made for the common good, not partisan political gain. Thank you. Todd Ritter.

(This information furnished by Todd Lee Ritter.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722